What happens when you add four good friends, a boring town and an inescapable love for alternative rock music together? Striving to be honest with every melody and verse they write, Kirkland is a brotherhood born in friendship and held together by their love of music. They strike a balance between multiple styles and flavours of music that have inspired, embracing it to create their own unique sound.

The idea started off with nothing more than 2 out-of-tune guitars, a cheap amplifier and a baritone voice. Singing their favorite songs on weekends and entertaining the few who wanted to listen. Over the next four years many things changed, but the IDEA remained much the same. Kirkland lends it sound to a wide audience, being influenced by folk, indie, rock and even blues bands. Always entertaining anyone willing to listen and enjoying every second of it, every step of the way.

Throughout their journey they have played many different stages and venues, from cold winter nights around party fires to headlining stages at music festivals. Striving to entertain and having a great time, whether it’s singing Johnny Cash-songs in pubs or covering pop songs to get everybody dancing – they treat every performance as equally important.

In their own music, Kirkland is a bonfire. With the embers of honest and true lyrics glowing in the middle, and the fire of beautiful melodies and harmonies burning around it. Our loyal and passionate fans are the fuel thrown on the fire, making it burn bigger and brighter.